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TKRBB08165 Ball Bearings (8x16x5, 4pcs)

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TKRBB08165 – Ball Bearings (8x16x5, 4pcs)

EB48 and SC410 bearings for all 3 diffs (6pcs required for this). Also the bearings for the rear outer hub carriers on the EB48 (2pcs required for this).


The TKRBB08165 Ball Bearings, available in a set of four, are essential replacement parts for the Tekno SCT410 RC truck. With dimensions of 8x16x5, these high-quality ball bearings provide excellent durability, smooth operation, and increased performance for your vehicle. Designed by the renowned brand Tekno RC, these bearings are specifically manufactured to fit and enhance the performance of the Tekno SCT410 model. Whether you are a professional racer or a hobbyist, these TKRBB08165 Ball Bearings are a must-have addition to your RC truck's maintenance and upgrade arsenal, ensuring a reliable and thrilling driving experience.

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