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TKRBB06103 Ball Bearings (6x10x3, 4pcs)

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TKRBB06103 – Ball Bearings (6x10x3, 4pcs)

EB48 and SCT410 bearings for the steering posts. 4pcs required in kit.

The TKRBB06103 Ball Bearings from Tekno RC are a set of high-quality replacement parts designed specifically for the Tekno SCT410 model. With dimensions of 6x10x3, these ball bearings provide smooth and efficient performance, ensuring optimal functionality of the vehicle. Manufactured by the renowned brand, Tekno RC, these bearings are built to withstand the rigors of off-road racing and deliver exceptional durability and reliability. Each pack contains 4pcs of TKRBB06103 Ball Bearings, making it a cost-effective choice for enthusiasts who require reliable replacement parts for their Tekno SCT410. Keep your vehicle running smoothly with these top-of-the-line ball bearings.

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