JTP Diff Fluid 12,500 CPS (75ML)

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The JTP Diff Fluid 12,500 CPS (75ML) is an exceptional product in the JTP oils RC diff oils category. Specially formulated by the renowned JTP brand, it is an industry-leading product that sets the standard for quality and reliability. This high-performance diff fluid boasts an impressive CPS rating of 12,500, delivering a superior level of lubrication and protection for your RC vehicle's differential system. It is ideal for use in high-performance RC cars and off-road vehicles. This 75ML bottle ensures you have sufficient fluid to maintain your RC vehicle over time, making it a must-have for any serious RC enthusiast. Try JTP Diff Fluid 12,500 CPS today and enjoy the unparalleled performance it provides.

This is a 75ml bottle of JTP/Ultimate Racing 12,500 cSt Silicone Differential Oil. JTP differential fluid is made by Modelix Racing from 100% pure silicone oil. Jared Tebo has been testing different fluids for over a year and a half in all his vehicles, and he finds that the Ultimate Racing fluids have given him the greatest performance, and that’s what he wants to provide to his customers.

The JTP fluids come in a cSt rating which is a more linear rating for the oils. The higher the viscosity number of the oil, the thicker the oil is. JTP/Ultimate Racing silicone oil contents antifriction additives to ensure differential useful life and minimize viscosity changes.

Please do not use any cSt to WT conversion chart as they at JTP feel they are not accurate. If you are searching and wondering where you need to start with your JTP shock fluid, you can see all of Jared Tebo’s setups at www.jtprc.com and they will have the shock fluid he is using for each car he is racing.

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