Winner of September Photo Comp

Winner of September Photo Comp

We are excited to announce that the winner of our September photo competition is Brennan Robert! 

We received an overwhelming response from talented drivers and photographers on our Facebook page, showcasing their skills and creativity. Initially, Brennan appeared to be the winner with 17 likes, but after reviewing the Facebook photos, it was found that his photo did not meet the requirement of having a visible logo of any of our supported brands. As a result, we had to exclude Brennan and declare Jason, the runner-up with 9 likes, as the winner. 

However, Brennan in turn protested Jason's win and provided evidence that the logos are present in the original image, including clear close-ups. We apologise for any confusion caused by this situation and reviewed the evidence provided by Brennan. 

Despite the controversy, we want to acknowledge Brennan's win, his photo truly stood out among the incredible submissions, capturing his RC cars positioned on the track as prized possessions. With 17 votes, Brennan's photo received the highest support from our online community.

We want to express our gratitude to all the participants for their contributions, which brought joy and inspiration to our online community. The level of talent displayed was genuinely impressive, and we encourage you all to continue sharing this incredible sport with the world. 

Stay tuned for future competitions as we plan to run them monthly, giving you more opportunities to showcase your talent. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Congratulations once again to Brennan on his well-deserved victory! Your dedication, creativity, and passion for photography are truly inspiring. 

Thank you all for being a part of our September photo competition. We appreciate your participation and support, and we encourage everyone to try again next month. Keep capturing those unforgettable moments on the track and sharing your passion with the world! 

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19th Jan 2024 Justin Moore

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