TZO Gluing Bands (x8)

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Introducing the TZO Gluing Bands (x8), the ultimate solution for gluing RC tyres. These bands are perfect for anyone looking to secure their tyres to the rim with ease. The TZO Gluing Bands for RC tyres feature a durable and flexible material that ensures a tight and secure bond between the tyre and rim. These bands come in a set of 8, giving you the flexibility to glue multiple tyres simultaneously. The TZO brand is known for its reliable and high-quality products, and the Gluing Bands are no exception. Upgrade your RC tyre setup with the TZO Gluing Bands and enjoy smooth and reliable performance every time.

TZO Tire Mounting Bands are made with T3 Rubber Materials.

with Durable, Coloured, Elasticity Performance.

Bands come with Stylish colour.

Suitable for mounting on 1:8 off-road tires.

8 bands per package.


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