TZO 200 Tires compound

TZO 200 Tires compound

Welcome to our blog dedicated to TZO 200 Tires compound! Here, we have highlighted the ideal conditions and temperature for each tire compound to enhance performance and longevity. The TZO  team of experts has extensively researched and analysed the characteristics and benefits of the TZO 200 Tires compound, including its advanced traction, superior grip, and impressive durability. 

X Compound Guide

Ultra Super Soft -Best Working Temperature: 0~27C

Super Soft -Best Working Temperature: 15~32C

Soft -Best Working Temperature: 27~38C+

Medium -Best Working Temperature: 32~38C+

Hard -Best Working Temperature: 38C+

Clay Compound Guide

ULTRA CLAY (0-27°C) Wet > Green/Gold

This compound features a softer Clay that's best suited for the early morning or late evening slick conditions.

SUPRA CLAY (15-32°C) Wet/Dry > Pink/Gold

Features a mid range compound of clay that's best used for your mid day wet, damp or a bit dry condition surfaces.

SUPREME CLAY (32+) Dry > White/Gold

Best suited for a dryer track conditions. If you're in between wet to dry track condition and wondering if you should switch to normal compound. You may want to try the Supreme clay before your transition. This compound allows the same feels as other clays, but it will provide more support to the tire carcass and allow the pins to do the work.

25th Sep 2023 Justin Moore

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