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TKR9150B Differential Gear Set (internal gears only, all 2.x, 20/10T)

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With these new differential gears, you can improve the consistency and corner speed of your 2.0 Buggy or Truggy over longer runs! When compared to the original differential gears (TKR9150), TKR9150B has a larger pitch/tooth profile that provides more resistance to continuous rotation. These gears provide a similar feel at corner entry and mid-corner, but are less likely to “diff-out” or be inconsistent on corner exit. They are less prone to over-rotating or turning-in unexpectedly, and increase cornerspeed by allowing more throttle to be applied early in the corner. TKR9150B is made from the same long-lasting material as the standard 2.0 differential gears (TKR9150).


TKR9150B is a direct replacement/option for TKR9150 and is compatible with all other new differential parts (TKR9115B, TKR5144B and TKR9145) and existing 2.0 differential parts (TKR5112X, TKR5114XB, TKR9115, TKR5144, TKR5145B, TKR9112, TKR9114, TKR9115, TKR9149, TKR9149A, and TKR9150).


TKR9150B is recommended for use in all vehicles’ front and rear differentials on all track surfaces, as well as in the center differential for a more full-time-4wd feel and increased forward drive on high grip tracks.


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