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TKR8292Y Lightweight Wing (ROAR/IFMAR legal, yellow)

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  • TKR8292Y Lightweight Wing (ROAR/IFMAR legal, yellow) Coast 2 Coast RC
  • TKR8292Y Lightweight Wing (ROAR/IFMAR legal, yellow) Coast 2 Coast RC


The TKR8292Y Lightweight Wing by Tekno RC is a top-notch option part that belongs to the Tekno EB 48 category. This yellow wing is specifically designed to meet the legal standards set by both ROAR and IFMAR. With its lightweight construction, it offers enhanced performance without compromising durability. The TKR8292Y Lightweight Wing perfectly suits Tekno RC vehicles and is built to withstand intense racing and rigorous off-road conditions. Upgrade your Tekno EB 48 with the TKR8292Y Lightweight Wing and experience superior control and stability on the track, giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate every race.


TKR8292Y – Lightweight Wing (ROAR/IFMAR legal, yellow)


Our new lightweight wing has been designed to eliminate unnecessary material while maintaining the strength and durability Tekno is known for. Coming in at just 41 grams, it’s the lightest molded wing on the market by nearly 10 grams. As the highest part on the vehicle, a lightweight wing improves the vehicle’s handling by lowering the center of gravity.  Injection molded from a durable polymer blend and thoroughly track tested, you can be confident it will stand up to brutal race conditions. It is also ROAR and IFMAR legal without modification, uses standard mounting locations and wing buttons.



  • Reduced weight to lower the center of gravity.
  • Molded from durable polymer plastic.
  • Meets ROAR and IFMAR rules without modification.
  • Fits all Tekno RC 1/8th scale vehicles as well as many other 1/8th scale vehicles from other manufacturers.

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