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TKR5144B Differential O-Rings (2022 spec, fits all TEKNO diffs, 6pcs)

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Introducing the TKR5144B Differential O-Rings (2022 spec, fits all TEKNO diffs, 6pcs) from Tekno RC. Specifically designed for the Tekno EB 48, these high-quality differential O-rings are a must-have in the world of RC racing. Engineered with precision, these o-rings ensure maximum performance and durability, providing a smooth and efficient differential operation. With an improved design for enhanced sealing capabilities, these 2022 spec O-rings offer superior resistance to leaks and provide a tight fit. Manufactured by Tekno RC, a renowned brand in the industry, these TKR5144B Differential O-Rings guarantee exceptional quality and are a perfect addition to your Tekno EB 48 Option parts collection.

With these replacement/optional differential o-rings, you can improve the consistency and predictability of your 2.0 Buggy or Truggy! TKR5144B differential o-rings were used during development to boost stability when landing jumps or in rhythm sections, as well as give more acceleration and consistency during long runs or bash sessions. They achieve many of the same benefits as the new differential shims (TKR5144) by moving some of the resistance “work” from the oil to the o-rings and allowing the use of lighter differential oil.

TKR5144B is a direct replacement/option for TKR5144 and is compatible with all other new differential parts (TKR9115B, TKR9145 and TKR9150B) and existing 2.0 differential parts (TKR5112X, TKR5114XB, TKR9115, TKR5144, TKR5145B, TKR9112, TKR9114, TKR9115, TKR9149, TKR9149A, and TKR9150). They are also compatible with the EB/ET410 line of vehicles and are recommended to be used on all track surfaces.

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