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TKR1240 Lower Shock Mount Screws (2 clockwise threads, 2 counter clockwise threads, EB/NB/SCT)

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TKR1240 – Lower Shock Mount Screws (2 clockwise threads, 2 counter clockwise threads, EB/NB/SCT)

Ensure that your shock screws never come loose with these CW and CCW shock mount screws. These screws also feature a dimple for easy droop/shock length measurements. Rather than threading the screws all the way, each screw features a shoulder that fits more precisely into the pivot ball on the shock rod end. This reduces slop and reduces wear on the pivot ball compared to a fully threaded screw. They are CNC machined from high quality steel then hardened for durability. The black screws have CW threads and install on the front left and rear right shocks. The silver screws have CCW threads and install on the front right and rear left shocks. A perfect upgrade for your EB/NB48 and SCT410/EB48SL.

NOTE: These are not compatible with the ET or NT48, however they are compatible with many other vehicles on the market.


  • CW and CCW threads will not loosen during a race.
  • Machined dimple for easier droop measurements.
  • Partially threaded to reduce slop and reduce wear on pivot balls.
  • CNC machined steel construction, hardened for durability
  • Easily identifiable CW/CCW (black/silver)
  • Uses a 5.5mm nut driver to install

The TKR1240 Lower Shock Mount Screws by Tekno RC are essential replacement parts for the Tekno EB410.2 model in the world of RC racing. This set includes two clockwise threads and two counter clockwise threads screws, specifically designed for the lower shock mount. With superb precision and durability, these screws ensure a secure and reliable attachment of the shocks to the vehicle, enhancing stability during intense races. As a genuine Tekno RC product, these TKR1240 screws provide a perfect fit and seamless compatibility with your Tekno EB410.2, guaranteeing optimal performance on the track.

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    Posted by Todd on 26th Sep 2017

    Having different colours for cthe alternate thread directions makes maintenance easy

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