TZO 200 Tires racing team 2024

TZO 200 Tires racing team 2024

We've got some exciting news to share with you.

We're happy to announce that we're the first-ever TZO team in Australia. It's a significant milestone for us, and we're thrilled about it! We've assembled a talented group of drivers who are ready to give it their all on the track. 

We value camaraderie and having a great time together. We're not just a team; we're a close-knit group that supports one another. Together, we aim to showcase the essence of Australian RC racing. 

As we embark on this incredible journey, let's remember the importance of fairness, respect, and giving our best. We believe our drivers will give it their all and make us proud. 

Let's give a warm welcome to our Aussie TZO team and wish them the best for the upcoming races. We're eagerly looking forward to seeing them in action and demonstrating what Australian RC racing is all about. 

A special shoutout goes to our team manager, Corey Tate. He's been doing a fantastic job leading the team and keeping us on track. Thank you, Corey, for being an exceptional leader. 

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19th Jan 2024 Justin Moore

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